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Fuel Injection Parts

I've designed and manufacturered some parts to make fuel injecting our engines easier

The first is a bolt on 36-1 trigger wheel for a Type4 engine converted to upright cooling. It simply sandwiches between the pulley and the fan hub.

The photo below shows it in combination with the fan hub which is not included

These are now available with VR sensors and mounting brackets over in my online shop via this link

The second are combined air horns and air filter holders for Jenvey TF (IDF replacement) throttle bodies.

These are inspired by the type that Jake used to sell but does no longer although mine are CNC machined from a single piece of aluminium.

They are suitable for 40mm throttle bodies (which replace 44IDF carburettors)

The photo below shows them in combination with a Jenvey TF throttle body, fuel rail, and K&N air filters (none of which are included)

These are also available to purchase from my shop via this link