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January 2004

My thoughts are turning to the season of roof down motoring ahead.

I've already fitted new number plates to the car, of the three letter three number variety. I picked a set up cheaply on eBay and these hide the 1971 origins of the car nicely!

Also, on Christmas eve four new wheels arrived from CSP that i'd ordered in June. They in turn specially ordered them from Mangel in Brasil and these wheels with their 10mm larger offset (ET25, the same as 130x4 stud pattern 5.5x15J rims, but for 205x5 stud pattern) will allow me to revert to 195/60R15 tyres and still have more clearance inside the rear wheel arches than I have today.

February 2004

Fitted the 195/60R15 tyres that i'd previously removed to the new rims.

Removed the "GT" wing mirror and replaced it with a pair of conventional chrome wing mirrors (photo below). Also fitted a coach builders badge.

Also fitted a fuel pressure regulator as I suspect that the pressure being generated by the mechanical pump at high end speeds is too much for the carbs. Unfortunately, during this process I had a near disaster with a spark and leaking fuel and had to empty a 2kg powder extinguisher into the engine bay. what a mess... Post mortem revealed that the loom between battery and engine was totally destroyed but fortunately there appears no other damage. This loom is only 5 conductors and so will easily be recreated, though I think I will now add a 50 Amp fuse to the alternator charge lead to prevent what caused the fire re-occuring. The wire to the alternator is directly connected to the battery and is always live.

March 2004

Rewired the engine bay following the fire. Fitted a fuse in the path from battery to alternator, and also fitted an Battery Isolation Switch which also cuts the ignition feed and switches in a dummy load for the alternator to discharge into whilst the engine stops. New wiring is actually much tidier than the old, as i've integrated the Hyfire CDi loom with the main engine loom, and rerouted it all. Also put in cable in preparation for a 3rd brake light in the engine grill.

Car has been back to the paint shop for the mirror holes to be filled and painted, marks made during build up removing, and a final polish; Back and ready just in time for the Volkworld 2004 show where it will be in the DDK club display on Sunday.

May 2004

Didn't make it to the Volksworld show with the car due to a faulty fuel pressure regulator causing running problems - now removed. 

I have also rerouted the fuel lines slightly and changed to a different style fuel filter to help reduce hot starting problems due to vapour lock - Will change to an electric fuel pump in the future to eliminate this completely (the mechanical pump heats the fuel as heat conducts up the push rod).

Fitted a metal black-on-white '1957 GB' plate that I bought at Volksworld. Also stripped the ancillaries off the engine to get rid of the last of the powder residues; This stuff was corroding everything....

After the disappointment of Volksworld we did make it to the Christchurch show, entered the show 'n' shine, and won best Porsche.  Here's a (dodgy composited camera phone) picture of the winners line up. Official Photo Gallery from the show can be found at

After 321 miles a rather annoying oil leak has appeared behind the driver's side driveshaft flange on the IRS transaxle. It looks as though the oil seal has given up. Peter @ Cogbox, who built the box for me 13 months ago, is very kindly sending me a replacement seal, FOC, for me to make a repair. Its apparently possible to do with the transaxle in-situ. Seemed to me to be a better option than removing the gearbox to take it back to Peter for him to fix it (as that would involve removing the engine).

June 2004

Spent the evening replacing the gearbox driveshaft flange oil seal.  Old seal had completely shredded though there was no evidence why. Hopefully it was just a faulty seal and the problem won't repeat itself.

This was actually as straightforward as I was led to believe - the most difficult thing was driving on the new seal around the splined shaft in the 'box. Job Done!

Had the wheel alignment checked today ahead of visiting VWoodstock, and front toe in adjusted to specification. Other adjustments could only be made on a weekday. Car felt much better at speed on the journey home.

Visited VWoodstock as part of the DDK display. Had a great day in the sunshine and enjoyed the 140 mile round trip. 

July 2004

Took the car to UltraVW's Bug Boogie last Saturday at Hickstead. Turnout was slightly disappointing, perhaps because of the weather. Didn't get any photos as I planned to take them in the afternoon but then the rain started and people left....

August 2004

Had a pleasant drive out to the 2nd DDK southern area meet in Binfield on Wednesday 4th August, which had double the attendance of the first - a good mix of early 911s, 912s, 914 and my Speedster. Next meet is the 1st of September (First Wednesday of the month)...

Also attended the speedsters club annual gathering at the Grasshopper Inn in Kent on the 8th. There were 6 cars present and a good range of colours.


The foul weather during August has limited speedster driving somewhat... Found a window in the weather to take the car for its annual MoT, which it promptly failed on:

  • Top balljoint
  • Rear offside wheel bearing
  • Rear nearside wheel bearing

Subsequent inspection revealed that both the rear axle castle nuts were no where near the required torque - the bearings must have settled over the past year, and tightening them up has eliminated the play. The nut on the steering knuckle to the O/S/F balljoint was also loose, and play was easily eliminated also - or so I thought.  Alas, the balljoint was still a fail on the retest, so must be replaced.

September 2004

Replaced the O/S/F ball joint (Thanks go out to Grant at Beetlelink) and got the car through its MoT.
Not very impressed with a ball-joint lasting only 800 miles....

October 2004

Cr*ppy weather and a major garden landscaping DIY project have somewhat restricted speedster use this month. About to take the car off the road for the winter and perform some major winter upgrades ready for next season.