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June 2005

The car is now back on the road after its winter upgrades (See Build Diaries, Outlaw-ification)

Attended the Classic and Sports Car Action Day at Castle Combe with the speedsters club and supported by Chesil.

Great turn out of Speedsters and an enjoyable parade lap on the circuit.

There are more pictures of my car at Castle Combe (taken by Tony Tucker of the speedsters club)  in the Gallery section

I've finally got around to fitting the rearward hood cover that I bought from Chesil over a year ago, following advice from their "workshop" at Castle Combe, and some reference photos I took of one of their cars. They also sent my 4 additional tenax fasteners to compliment the pair originally received with the cover. Fitted with all 6 fasteners its a good tight fit over the hood and looks great.

I've also ordered a fuel pressure regulator and replacement fuel pressure gauge for the engine compartment. I'm not convinced that the pumps internal regulator is providing a reliable 3 psi of fuel pressure to the carbs.

10th July 2005

Spent the weekend fitting the regulator. Its a direct replacement for the existing Mallory Y block, with a single inlet and dual outlets (all 3/8 NPT). Main issue was deciding where to mount it and how to connect it to the existing fuel line with the parts I had to hand.

I also dismantled the carbs to check the float levels and increased the pressure of my mallory pump for the Holley regulator to regulate, as it had been showing 0-4 psi on my gauge (which I also replaced with a new one). That was my first mistake!

On reassembly and testing, even though the gauge showed 3 psi, the pump overwhelmed the needle valve and flooded the carbs.

I checked the needle valve operation with my Mityvac pump and they withstood >5 PSI without being overwhelmed. I also fed fuel into the carbs with the Mityvac (using the brake bleeder accessory in reverse), again at 5 PSI, without then being overwhelmed. I double checked the pressure gauge in the car with the Mityvac and the readings were within tolerance.

So I could only conclude that momentary spikes of pressure were being generated by the pump that weren't indicated by the gauges. Turing the pressure down again at the pump, and setting the regulator pressure near minimum (2 PSI) finally solved the problem i'd created.

I changed the engine oil as a precaution as it smelt slightly of petrol and looked thin (oil pressure was down) after the carb flooding.

The good news is that the A/F ratio appears to be leaner, which was the desired results, though I still need to readjust the idle mixture.

23rd July 2005

Made the 180 mile round trip to Walton Hall for the TIPEC (The Independant Porsche Enthusiasts Club) large annual show. First time I'd been and there was a great turn out. The Speedsters club had a 10 car display, of which my car was a part.

Just received my two additional EGT sensors and a suitable switch to switch between front and rear sensor pairs for my dual EGT gauge.

I also bought a wideband oxygen sensor to replace my narrow band one which hasn't been particularly useful (other than indicating that i'm not lean, but might be too rich). This is an Innovate Motorsports LC-1 and all the electronics are built into the cable. It has a digital serial output which you can plug into a laptop and record, plus a configurable analog output I plan to connect to my existing gauge and calibrate accordingly.

August 2005

When we got back from Walton Hall I noticed that the top fan pulley was 'wonky' and further investigation revealed that it had shattered. Fitted a replacement sourced from VW Heritage.

Took the car down to Beach Buggin, though slightly later in the day than planned thanks to another blocked idle jet. Time to fit a CB performance Jet Doctor kit me thinks....

Another project is keeping me busy at the moment so haven't really used the car as much as I would like.

September 2005

MoT time has come around again. This year it passed with flying colours, which was a pleasant surprise!

Having thought about fitting racing meatballs (Number 8 to match the pool ball gearknob) on each door for sometime, I finally got around to ordering a set which cost a very reasonable 18. Will fit them over the winter....

October 2005

Went to the Canford Classic show on the 9th (the old Christchurch show at a different location) as it was a bright sunny day.

Lots of nice VWs and a few Porches on display. Picked up "Best Porsche" award in the Show and Shine.

December 2005

Noticed my replacement OEM pulley is already showing signs of wear. The bore is already out of square.

Spoke to Jake and he, of course, had a solution - A specially designed T6061 heavy duty pulley which I received today and is beautifully made.  This will sort out pulley wear once and for all - look at the increased size of its square bore compared with an OEM part.

On replacing the pulley I also noticed that the alternator shaft bushing was badly rounded - due to the first pulley almost failing completely on the car no doubt. The front face was also very deeply scored. No choice but to replace the alternator.